A franking machine or ‘Digital Mailing System’ provides your business with an easy, flexible way to pay for postage and provides in-house flexibility and efficiency. Officeselct stock a large range of equipment and have experienced technicians to help out with any queries.


  Folding and Inserting machines

Folding mail by hand is not cost effective. Officeselect can match you with the best equipment for folding, inserting, sealing and more. Your account manager will be happy to visit you and demonstrate the potential cost saving and appropriate for your specific environment.



Digital Mail

Cloud-based email encryption services which enables internal and external email users to send, track, and receive confidential messages. It’s so incredibly simple to setup, and users can keep using the email address and client of their choice. With our included Outlook® plugin, native iPhone®, iPad®, and AndroidTM apps there’s finally a people-centric email encryption option.


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