Stay ahead of the times with Mobility Solutions from Officeselect.

With technology evolving at a rapid rate, the concept of a mobile workforce is fast becoming a reality. The ability for staff to work ‘on the go’ is more important than ever. It provides benefits for both the business and its staff with increased production and better morale.

Simply having access to email on the go is no longer sufficient. The integration of internet enabled mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones has made it easier than ever to collaborate with staff and customers anywhere. Mobile technology allows staff access to business data and resources remotely. Whether on-route to a meeting, at home or miles away on holidays, staff are never out of touch.

The vision of working from a beach in another country is now well possible. However with mobile devices growing in popularity, mobile device management is now more important than ever.  A typical business allows staff to use different devices with different settings, all set up and managed by the staff themselves. This presents many inefficiencies and security threats. We endeavour to consolidate device settings and optimise the functionality and security of staff mobile devices by controlling and protecting data and configuration settings. This eliminates a situation where different staff have different devices with different settings.

There are many benefits to be seen when adopting a mobility plan including:


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