Business Process Optimisation

What is it?

Business Process Optimisation (BPO) is the process of building a production work-flow. This is done through analysis of the business, identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses and then tailor making a solution to improve the current situation.



How does it work?

Our specialist Officeselect staff will visit your premises and analyse your current business structure. A ‘Process Map’ will be created including existing processes and work-flows. Our Officeselect specialist will perform a quick workshop involving key staff in order to obtain the best picture of your business. From this information, we will re-design your current ‘Process Map’, demonstrating potential areas of improvement and highlighting areas of strength. Existing infrastructure will be utilised where possible, after all, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

What are the benefits of BPO?

There are many benefits to take advantage of by adopting the correct Business Process Optimisation (BPO) solution. Print savings, archival storage, integrated mobile technology and other single purpose solutions provide benefits in time and money.

Office Automation

A large part of BPO is office automation. Using work-flow routing tools, documents can be distributed around your office using programmed metadata. A typical yet simple example of this is an ‘Accounts Payable’ system where invoices can be automatically generated and delivered to the relevant recipients based on the invoice amount, date, department or other pre-determined characteristics. Automation also compensates for human error through programmed reminders and ‘event escalations’. Your important dates and documents will be hard to overlook.

Staff Productivity

Office automation means your largest expense (usually staff wages) will be better utilised. By automating laborious or menial tasks, staff are freed from folding letters and chasing up lost documents and can get back to doing what they should do best…growing your business!

Cost Cutting

Traditional methods of in-house communication are becoming out-dated and costly. The right BPO Solution from Officeselect will implement work-flows and ‘Document Management Systems’ that eliminate many paper based processes that impact directly on your bottom line. From our ‘Managed Print Solutions’ (MPS) system through to mailing systems and presentation technology, our aim is to cut your costs and improve your methods.


Having the information you need in order to make the right decisions is crucial to optimising your business. Knowing how productive your staff are, where bottle necks may occur and inefficiencies exist allow you to make an informed decision. Implementing a Business Process Optimisation solution from Officeselect puts this information and more at your fingertips.


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